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Reminder: State Minimum Wages Set to Increase This Summer

The per hour minimum wage rates will rise in several states this summer, according to the following schedule: California: $9.00, effective July 1, 2014 Delaware: $7.75, effective June 1, 2014 District of Columbia: $9.50, effective July 1, 2014 Minnesota: Effective August 1, 2014: $8.00 (enterprises with an annual gross volume of sales of $500,000 or […]

New York Restaurant Chain Agrees to Largest Wage and Hour Settlement in State History

In the largest settlement in the history of the New York State Department of Labor, a New York restaurant chain agreed to a $5.1MM settlement for wage and hour violations affecting at least 800 workers.  The DOL accused the chain of paying less than minimum wage, failing to pay overtime wages and failing to keep accurate […]

New Jersey Updates Rules on Timekeeping

The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development  revised its Wage and Hour rules and adopted a new rule on the use of time clocks and “rounding” practices to mirror federal requirements.  The rule states that time clocks are not required; however, when used, employees who come in before the regular start time or remain […]

New York Expands Employee Notice Requirements

The New York state legislature passed the State Wage Theft Prevention Act, signed by Governor Patterson on December 13, 2010.  The Act increases employee notification requirements under Labor Law Section 195(1), and enhances employee protections against minimum wage and overtime violations.  The Act becomes effective April 12, 2011. Last year, the State legislature required employers […]

New Jersey Updates Required Wage and Hour Poster

 The New Jersey Department of Labor (NJDOL) has issued an updated MW-17 Wage Payment poster that all New Jersey employers must conspicuously post in the workplace by July 13, 2010. The new poster is intended to comply with recent amendments to the state’s wage payment law.  The notice can be found at, and the Spanish […]

Independent Contractor’s Attempt to Collect Unemployment Prompts Audit, Penalties

Think you can fly under the radar for misclassifying employees?  Information can come to light in a variety of interesting and unforeseen ways.  An independent contractor at a New Jersey company filed for unemployment after her assignment ended.  Her attempt to do so raised a red flag at the New Jersey Department of Labor and […]

New Jersey Imposes Harsh Penalties on Repeat Wage and Hour Offenders

Governor Chris Christie signed a law which imposes harsh penalties on employers who repeatedly violate the state’s wage and hour laws, particularly the suspension of revocation of licenses to do business in the state.  The act will take effect on or about July 13, 2010, but the state commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development can […]

Proposed Legislation Will Make it Harder for Employees to Classify Workers as Independent Contractors

Citing lost revenue due to misclassification of workers, budget challenges and workers’ rights, Senator John Kerry introduced a bill designed to reduce the misclassification of workers as independent contractors.  The Taxpayer Responsibility, Accountability and Consistency Act of 2009 is a companion bill to the one introduced in Congress in August 2009. The bill would require […]

Employment Updates

A Missouri healthcare provider has agreed to pay its nurses ore than $1.7MM in back wages for failure to pay overtime and requiring them to work through their meal periods without pay.  The FLSA requires that nurses be classified as non-exempt and therefore paid an overtime rate of one and one half times their hourly […]

New York Changes Wage and Hour Laws for Hotel and Restaurant Workers

The New York State Labor Commission adopted several changes to wage orders in place for hotel and restaurant workers.  The order is effective 30 days after publication of a notice of filing with the Secretary of the Department of Labor in at least 10 newspapers of general circulation in New York. The adopted changes include: […]