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California Enacts Paid Leave Law for Organ, Bone Marrow Donation

California has enacted a paid leave law, effective January 1, 2011, giving employees up to thirty (30) days of paid leave in any one year period for organ donation and up to five (5) days paid leave for bone marrow donation.  Employers with fifteen (15) or more employees are required to provide this leave.  The […]

Very Little Movement on Legislation Banning Credit Checks

In March 2010 we reported that many states and the federal government are considering legislation that would ban the use of credit checks in the employee screening process (“State and Federal Governments Consider Ban on Credit Checks for Most Applicants”).  To date, there has been very little movement.  Oregon enacted a law earlier in March, […]

States Ring In the New Year with New Laws

Coinciding with the end of one year and the beginning of a new year, states are busy enacting laws designed to protect its citizens and workers.  Below are just some examples: The states of North Carolina and Virginia have banned smoking in restaurants and some bars.  North Carolina’s law became effective January 1, while Virginia’s […]

New York Bans Texting While Driving; Follows Executive Order for Federal Workers

 Effective November 1, New York became the latest state to ban texting while driving.  The new law specifically prohibits the use of mobile devices for reading, typing and sending out text messages while driving.   The law is a “secondary law;” that is, a driver must be pulled over for another reason in order to be […]