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New York’s Wage Theft Prevention Act Takes Effect April 9, 2011

The New York State Legislature passed the Wage Theft Prevention Act (WTPA), which enhances employee notification requirements.  The law, which goes into effect April 9, 2011, requires New York employers to provide employees with certain information, and, in some cases, in their native language.  Effective April 9, 2011, New York employers must provide a notice […]

IRS Issues Clarification on HIRE Act

The IRS clarified several provisions of the HIRE Act. First, employers will be eligible for the HIRE Act Payroll tax exemption if they hire self-employed individuals, who are not regarded as “employed” for purposes of the Act.  Accordingly, an employer can also claim the exemption if they hire an independent contractor as an employee, although […]

New York Issues Mandatory Pay Rate Form to Comply With NY Labor Law 195

Under Section 195 of the New York Labor Law, you are required to notify new hires, upon hire, of their rate of pay, their overtime rate if they are classified as non-exempt employees, and their regular pay day.  All such notification must be in writing, and employees will be required to sign an acknowledgement of […]

New York Requires ERs to Disclose More Information to New Hires and Terminated EEs

Under Section 195 of the New York Labor Law, employers are required to notify employees, upon hire, of their rate of pay and their regular pay day.  Effective October 26, 2009, all such notification must be in writing and include, for non-exempt employees, both their regular and their overtime rates of pay.  Further, employees will […]