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Social Security Administration Resumes Sending No-Match Letters

The Social Security Administration (SSA), after a four-year hiatus, has resumed sending employers no-match letters this past April.  A no-match letter is issued to an employer by the SSA if an employee’s name does not match a valid Social Security number. The SSA stopped issuing the letters in 2007 because of a preliminary injunction issued […]

Georgia Follows Arizona in Passing Anti-Illegal Immigration Bill

Governor Nathan Deal of Georgia plans to sign into law a bill targeting illegal immigrants.  The bill, passed by the Georgia Legislature on April 13, 2011, has three major components:  1) it allows law enforcement officials to ask about immigration status when questioning certain criminal suspects; 2) it imposes sanctions for harboring and/or transporting illegal […]

USCIS Redesigns Green Card

Effective immediately, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) reissued a redesigned Permanent Resident Card, otherwise known as the “green card,” which is proof of authorization to live and work permanently in the United States.  The new card incorporates several features designed to enhance security and deter immigration fraud.   Holographic images, laser engraved fingerprints, and high-resolution […]

DOL Publishes Final Rule for H-2A Workers

The Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration and Wage and Hour Division published a final rule implementing changes to the H-2A program effective March 15, 2010.  The final rule allows for the employment of H-2A workers provided they are not adversely impacted.  Employers are required to 1) Furnish written information concerning wages, hours, working […]

Worldwide Visa Application Form DS-160 Implemented

Foreign nationals applying for nonimmigrant status to enter or re-enter the United States must complete a series of application forms.  They must also appear at a consulate office in their country of origin and get a nonimmigrant visa stamp in their passport. To streamline this process, a worldwide Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application Form (DS-160) has […]