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180 Employers Receive I-9 Audit Notices

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) issued another 180 I-9 Notices of Inspection to employers in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas and Tennessee.  This is part of the ICE’s I-9 inspection program, which they introduced in 2009 when they completed 1,600 such audits nationwide.  As a result of those audits, the ICE issued fines ranging from $100-$1,100 […]

IRS Increases Number of Workplace Audits

The IRS estimates that employers underpay $14 billion in employer taxes each year.  To recoup these costs, beginning in February, the IRS will target 6,000 businesses for workplace audits over the next three years.  Of those, roughly 1,500 organizations will be tax exempt.  Employers will be chosen randomly, without regard to size. The auditors will […]

Banking Industry Targeted for Misclassification of Employees

Over the last year or so, the Department of Labor has been focusing on the banking and finance industries, with lawsuits being filed against the nation’s largest banking institutions for misclassifying employees.  Many companies are settling out of Court for staggering amounts, some near $100MM. The class of employees being scrutinized are stockbrokers, financial analysts, […]

H-1B Worksites in 28 Cities Being Visited

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has begun a widespread initiative to visit H-1B petitioner/employer worksites. Using funds collected from the $500 H-1B fraud fee, USCIS hired outside contractors to conduct these site visits. Reports indicate that USCIS will be making thousands of such visits in 28 cities over the coming weeks. You […]

IRS Increases Number of Auditors by 249% This Fall

IRS federal employment tax audits are increasing this fall.  While the audit program is not focused on fraud, they have increased the number of investigators looking into fraud by 249%.  Also, the average sentence imposed on those employers convicted of tax fraud is 29 months.  Because workers’ compensation insurance premiums are based in part on […]