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BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research – A US Economics Report – Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Obstacle course

In our view, the year-end fiscal challenges in the US are more like an “obstacle course” than a “cliff”-politicians must navigate about 10 major policy decisions before year-end (Table 1). More than three weeks after the election and they are still stuck at the first obstacle: the role of taxes in any deficit reduction agreement. What is the hold-up here? Isn’t there an easy deal that focuses on capping deductions? After all, both parties have been talking about this approach as a way to raise taxes on the wealthy without raising tax rates.

We see three reasons why it is proving very hard to overcome this obstacle:

1. There is a very big gap in the starting point for negotiations.

2. The results of this negotiation could set the tone for future deals.

3. On the surface, capping deductions looks like a painless way to raise revenues, but it looks quite ugly upon closer inspection.

As we have been arguing for more than a year, we expect a messy multi-stage deal on the cliff, with a partial deal in late December and a full resolution only in the Spring. During this period, we suggest that investors fade the likely “press fakes” of an imminent deal, and brace for downside volatility.



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